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Flag care

How long will my flag last?

How long any flag will last is impossible to predict as it is entirely dependent on the weather and how long the flag is flown for. Even our best quality flags will fade over time and all flags will eventually deteriorate. Even the strongest flag cannot survive for very long if it is flown in very high winds. With this in mind wear and tear does not constitute a fault in the flag and accordingly we cannot guarantee the lifespan of any flag.

How can I get most out of my flag?

To reduce wear and tear consider the traditional method of flying a flag.

  • Raise it at sun rise and lower it at 8pm or sunset.
  • Lower and remove the flag completely in high winds. Under no circumstances should a flag be flown in winds above 35km/h as this is both dangerous and can damage both flag and flagpole.
  • Check your flagpole is smooth and clean especially at the top. An older style wooden flag pole that is weathering will quickly wear away a new flag, as will chipped paint on metal poles.
  • Make sure the flag isn't rubbing against walls or other objects close by.
  • Keep the halyard tight and secure during flight.
  • If your flag is looking tatty replace it – and dispose of the old one sensitively. Remember that some countries have set protocols for the disposal of flags.

Washing your flag.

Please note these instructions only apply to our fully sewn polyester flags. Flags bearing the economy label are not washable, while our premium printed flags can be sponged lightly to remove dust and dirt before drying and storing.

  • You can machine-wash our hand sewn flags at 40 degrees with normal detergents. Set spin to low seeting for synthetic fabrics or wool.
  • Do not dry clean, use soda, bleach, or stain removers. Do not tumble dry and do not iron.
  • Hang the flag to drip dry thoroughly before packing away.
  • Double check it totally dry and then store in a dry, well ventilated place.
  • Check for signs of wear and make minor repairs as needed. If fraying consider trimming and re-hemming. Sewn flags can be repaired as you go along and re sewing seams or applique designs will make the flag last considerably longer.

What size flag do I need?

While there are a number of factors dictating the maximum size of flag you should use we find a simple guide is to buy a flag no bigger than 1ft of flag length per 1 yard of pole. flagpole. So for example a 5ft flag should be fine on a 5 yard (18ft) pole. It should, however, be pointed out that this assumes the pole is of a modern construction, is securely fitted into a firm ground socket and is well maintained. If you have any doubts about the safety of your pole or the size of flag being considered you should consult with a qualified structural engineer BEFORE purchasing either a flag or pole.

If your pole is wall mounted at an angle consider how the flag will interact with the wall behind the pole. If the flag is too long it will blow back against the wall and wear the flag very quickly. 

If you have any concerns over size, style, fittings, or washing instructions please do contact us.

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